What To Do When Your Oven Door Glass Breaks?

Most people quite rightly ring their local oven appliance repair agent and get them to come and identify the make model and version numbers for their broken oven door and then order a new oven door from the manufacturer. In about 50% of cases this is the best and fastest way to repair a broken Oven Door Glass. However there are a variety of reasons why this may end up not being your best option when it comes to fixing a broken Oven Door Glass:

Shattered glass

  • Quite often the oven door you require will not be in stock in Australia. That means the manufacturer of wholesaler will have to bring one in from overseas and that will take time.
  • Equally often the manufacturer may well not have an oven door in stock and will therefore have to have one made which takes even more time.
  • The cost of having one door shipped or even made specially for you can be excessive. Commonly manufacturers quote in excess of $500 with a 6-8 week delay.

Some manufacturer’s have thought about this problem and will supply just the Oven Door Glass required just to fix your broken oven door. But here again mostly they import these glass doors from overseas and that takes both time and inflates the costs enormously.

So what can you do if you what a cost effective solution to fix your Oven Door Glass?

  1. Get a technician to get you a quote on the new door. In about 50% of cases that is still your best way to go.
  2. If the time or costs seem unrealistic then get a new Oven Door Glass cut and fitted by your local glazierShattered Oven Door Glass.


Many people do not realise that this is sometimes the best solution. The glass in your oven door is not your average window glass but by the same token it is not a particularly rare type of glass either. Good oven glass is especially formulated to be heat tolerant and hardened to resist breakage when struck. When it does break the hardening process caused the Oven Door Glass to shatter into small cuboidal pieces and not sharp shards.

Many local companies in Australia can source this type of glass, cut it and fit it for you. Just remember to take in a small piece so that the glazier can match the tinting ifs there is any in the glass. Clear glass is usually less expensive and if it is the inner oven door glass panel that is broken then most people won’t notice if clear glass is used.

Help Australian Companies & use locally sourced Oven Door Glass:

Regardless of where you live in Australia if you ring around you will find a local company who can supply you with a perfectly cut Oven Door Glass. Quite often they can supply and fit the oven door glass for a fraction of the cost that the manufacturer’s would charge you. Knowing what is involved in fitting the glass to an oven door I would strongly recommend that you leave the entire job to the experts. Getting the glass is only half the battle. Most times the oven door glass needs to be glued in place with a special glue that has the correct heat ratings (usually rated at over 600 degrees Celsius  to be safe).

Given the glue takes time to set you are far better off either:

  • Allowing one of our Technicians to take your door away to a workshop where it can be clamped and left whilst the glue sets.
  • Unclipping the whole oven door and taking it into the Glazier yourself (saves a service call) but the hinges are tricky and often getting the door off is not the problem it is putting it back on that is the issue. If you get that wrong then the hinges will get hot, press against the glass & cause the glass to snap.

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